Сам се фали: Албанец кој се прави Британец го направи инцидентот на Евросонг (ВИДЕО)

Младиот човек кој направи скандал на Евровизискиот натпревар кој го фати микрофонот на британската пејачка Сури во средината на шоуто, има свој профил на Инстаграм како доктор А.Ц.

Станува збор за самопрогласен активист за слобода на медиумите и писател на неколку електронски книги. Интересно е што на неговата маица стои напис "Работам за британската државна мафија".


#throwback #tattoo 4 years ago!!! In a senseless world where #oppression is called #freedom by the wolves and sheep of my time, I tried to make meaning through #art and #creativity or creative thinking! But I saw that every institution, where words had power including our social media, were invaded by the artists of the Mainstream media! The latter were working on behalf of their media bosses and to keep their "millionaire jobs" on big media as long as they could! The artists of today, who were working for mainstream media, had turned into new Nazis. It was me against the #world. The sheep that saw the wolves of the @bbcnews @itv @thesun @guardian @nytimes @foxnews etc., as gods. And myself on the other hand who was fighting against their MONOPOLIES of news media that had monopolised the main means of human information. @trewrussellbrand @owenjones84 etc., were part of these new Nazi English imperialists. They were part of the system. So for them "independent thinking" had to be drowned out and oppressed by the media they worked. These actions of oppression to them sounded like a "New Humanism." They were not understanding that this was a "New Nazism." And those who were part of this corrupted left and right wing media and politics were the new-Nazis. #london #europe #usa #africa #asia #world

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Тој за себе тврди на Instagram дека е "Албанец кој е Британец", и се фали дека дека упаѓа на британски ТВ емисии.


Great performance by my Albanian girl @ritaora #kosova10 #urimepavarsiakosovë We, small nations or the small fish, have always been the victims and the reason for the big nations or the big fish to start wars. So it was in the #WWI. So it was in the #WWII. So it is today. Nothing has changed. Big nations have big armies and through their army power, they turn their people into sheep easily. #Freedom #FreeKosovo #FreeWorld With what I said, however, also hope and mean to see the same for the #palestine. In short, I mean a #freepalestine. For we are not free when we oppress others. And #palestine is being kept under slavery and oppression with the orders of #EU And #USA. #Israel cannot keep Palestine under slavery on its own. So? So #Freepalestine then. And down with oppresors. For when one nation is oppressed no nation is free. Unless we are unconscious animals that feed on others' blood. Especially we here in London that with our own taxes fund the ukmedia and U.K parliament to not speak truth. #Freedom! #london #europe #palestine #kosovo #world #peace

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